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YOU GET A LOT OUT OF CHOE’S HAPKIDO GEORGIA CLASSES! As our goal is to teach you Martial Arts, we also make sure you learn other useful skills like confidence, respect, and discipline.

Not only does your confidence soar, but you experience a transformation. Admittedly, the classes can be challenging, but they challenge you to dig deep and defeat them.

As a result, you learn how strong you are, and how much inner strength you possess.

And the best part? Everything about you grows in HapKiDo.

HapKiDo Martial Arts Near Me

The effective, practical martial arts classes will teach you self-defense that are powerful and will save lives. Knowing that you can defend yourself because of the built experience in class results in less anxiety when facing various situations.

These classes teach you how to QUICKLY disable and protect yourself from an attacker. The goal is to get away, but to do so safely.

Feel out-of-shape? Martial Arts requires the whole body to be involved. As a result, you will become fit quite quickly. With exercises that involve cardio, strength training, flexibility, endurance, and agility, you become a better athlete.

Choe's HapKiDo

Lessons include learning:

  • The principles of defense
  • Awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Stress and adrenaline response
  • Effective blocking, punching, & kicking
  • Targets and weapons of the human body
  • Close range combat, including throws & take-downs
  • Defense against grabs, holds, head locks & chokes
  • Defense against multiple attackers
Adult Martial Arts

If you’re a beginner, that’s great! Choe’s HapKido Martial Arts Georgia teaches everyone from the very beginning!

All the great Martial Artists that you see started where you’re starting atβ€” Level 1.

It might be nerve-wracking to start something new like Martial Arts, but you have a lot to gain as a beginner. There’s so much to learn, and we break down the lessons so that you can gain the most in each class. Afterall, the goal is for you to LEARN. πŸ™‚

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