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About Choes HapKiDo - HapKiDo Martial Arts - Karate Classes Cumming Georgia

Choes HapKiDo
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Choes HapKiDo has been teaching in America since 1978! Learn About Us here!

Grandmaster JiMong Choe began teaching Martial Arts in America in 1978, and has multiple HapKiDo School locations across the country. The Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts in Cumming Georgia opened in 2010 and has been changing lives ever since!

The best way to learn about Choes HapKiDo is to come experience a class for yourself, so when you come in to the school you will be able to see for yourself how this martial arts school has been able to improve lives so successfully.

Grandmaster Choe’s HapKiDo offers many different ways to improve the whole person. Through learning Self Defense, Health instruction and lessons focused on the completion of Self Culture our members develop as a whole person. Our Black Belt instructors are certified in teaching the practical self defense techniques of the type of karate we teach called HapKiDo. This knowledge will give you the confidence to know you can protect yourself if you ever have to. On top of that, the classes are a great exercise that will tone muscle, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health. Aside from the physical benefits of our martial arts classes, Choes HapKiDo specializes in character development. Martial Arts has been used for thousands of years as a tool to help people improve their character and prepare them to be leaders in their communities.

We invite everyone to come learn about Choes HapKiDo! Our mission is to improve the community and the lives of everyone in it through Martial Arts instruction. So we invite you to come try a class, and also to tell anyone you think would benefit from HapKiDo about us!

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