Karate Johns Creek GA – Why Flexibility?

Karate Johns Creek GA

Karate Johns Creek GA | Don’t underestimate the benefits of working on your flexibility! It’s the one part of martial arts training that calms us and prepares the body for class. Most importantly, it’s a type of workout that can be light to engage in while benefitting us in multiple ways. Spending time to stretch everyday just may become what you look forward to everyday to destress, to set focus, and to relieve the mind and body.

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1) Stretching decreases injury. By helping us to increase the range of motion in muscles and joints, we can improve our athleticism.

2) Stretching helps us to alleviate and loosen up our muscles. If we’re sore, stretching and drinking lots of water is a great way to soothe those muscles.

3) Stretched muscles also leads to us feeling more relaxed.

4) Stretching improves our body overall. For example, it works wonders in reducing back pain. It also improves our posture. Slouching is not good for us in general!


One strategy is to gradually increase the number of minutes spent in stretching. It could be as simple as bending to touch your toes the first thing when you get up. Then eventually, you could add in hamstring stretches and various yoga poses. The other strategy is to incorporate stretching into your daily activities. Squeeze in some stretches while at the cubicle, in front of the TV, or even before bed. In fact, stretching before bedtime improves the quality of sleep because you’re better relaxed.

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Working on improving your flexibility will improve your life! Flexibility helps us to move better and supports us running around all day. The activities you struggle with now, imagine how great it would be to not struggle playing with the kids or the dogs on the floor. Simple tasks like bending and reaching for objects become easier. By setting a goal to stretch daily, you will get to experience the difference in how it feels to move around.

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