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Karate Johns Creek Georgia

Karate Johns Creek, Georgia | By teaching kids, teens, and adults Martial Arts, we love that we can change the world by sharing with the Johns Creek, Cumming, Alpharetta, and Forsyth County communities our passions. In addition to our Instructor and Assistant Instructor programs, we also have a special program for the kids that inspire them to help the community.

With our Super Star Program, the kids can earn stars for reading 10 books, making the honor roll, doing random acts of kindness, completing the Red Star challenge, making good grades, having great energy and attitude in class, completing a goal, volunteering in their community, and many other opportunities. Students with the most stars at the next belt test are recognized for their hard work as great human beings as well as martial artists.

For example, back in March, Super Star Vincent did phenomenal work and earned the medal of honor during his Orange Belt Test. He completed a video wishing our Grandmaster Choe a happy birthday, wrote a thank you letter to his parents for taking care of him, and set a goal to improve in pushups and sit-ups. There was also another time he was just completely awesome in class, and the instructors couldn’t help but give him a gold star.

The great thing about the Red Star and Super Star programs is that they teach kids the power of completing goals and putting forth their best efforts. The programs also teach lessons like having self-respect, helping others, being kind all around, developing discipline, and working hard. As the result of participating in these challenges, the kids have fun, develop healthy habits, and see their potential.

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