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What is the meaning of the Purple Belt at Johns Creek Martial Arts? This belt’s meaning translates to Brilliance of Selection.

As the last few belts describe a student’s growth being similar to spring, the Purple Belt describes how as the various fruits of their training start to develop, the brilliance of the color purple reminds us that there are a great deal of choices to make. Achieving this rank has taught the Martial Arts students that choosing the correct fruit can reap many rewards. They are taught that their new learned skills are very special, and that they should only be used for the advancement of worthy causes. 

The Purple Belt is where students reap the benefits of well done hard training. All of their choices to train during this season over everything else starts showing clearly. They have come so far since their first class, and they are capable of applying martial arts outside of class.
Purple Belts should strive for courage and responsibility. While courage gives students the mental strength to persevere, responsibility teaches to have the ability to answer for one’s conduct.

As each belt level advances the students a step closer to Black Belt, it’s important for them to not be discouraged with the more complex moves, techniques, and the amount of practice needed. In fact, being aware of their choices and responsibilities complement the learning of courage.

Stay tuned for next week as we discuss Part 1 of the Brown Belt!

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