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Johns Creek Karate | At Choe’s HapKiDo, each belt color holds a different meaning and is viewed philosophically as a transition throughout the seasons of the year. As the White Belt (the first belt!) symbolizes the new student as fresh fallen snow and whose potential is in that seed beneath the ground, the Yellow Belt resembles the germination of life.

The Yellow Belt is the next level after the White Belt. At some point, the snow will melt, and the freshness of being super new in Martial Arts fades. However, there is something happening with the student’s potential. The way the warmth of the sun nurtures a seed, that spark becomes like fuel to the student’s growth. The fundamentals learned at the White Belt level are being practiced and support the new techniques being learned.

On the outside, the student’s potential is still underground, except below the ground the seed has grown roots. The teachings are taking root, and the student’s growth will soon be sprouting upwards!

Another way to look at the growth during this belt phase, the relationship between the student and teacher is also taking root. No longer complete strangers, there’s great trust and respect being developed for one another. As the instructor is showing the student how amazing s/he is, the student is also growing in confidence.

Stay tuned for next week for the Meaning of Green Belt!

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